Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Something's up???

About 3 weeks ago my DH got the magazing ESPN in the mail. About 2 days later we get the bill - thanking us for subscribing. Huh?? WE didn't subscribe. I thought well we just did so maybe it's something with that but no.

Anyway on Satuday we get a package. I open it and inside The Pursuit of Happiness and our brand new subscription to Columbia. WTH? My DH does NOT watch movies lol EVER! My son and I do but we didn't do it and they came in his name.

So I put in a call to ESPN and waiting ot hear from them. I had DH call Columbia today and tell them he didn't sign up. They said that was fine and they cancelled him and he can keep the movie.

But what I wanna know is who is signing him up for all this crap. He works at Pizza Hut with a lot of younger kids and some other guys that I could see pulling a stunt like this. It isn't very funny though and I am scared to see what is going to show up next!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

1 Year Anniversary

Ok I am a day late posting but I reached my 1 Year mark of not smoking! WOW -- it's hard to believe. There are still moments I want a cig but for the most part they pass by rahter quickly. I still have fidgety moments as well but I am sure that is to be expected after smoking for about 20 years or so!

Just wanted to toot my own horn!

My First Scrap Kit

I know it isn't the best but here it is! lol Any trouble please let me know. It is a smaller tagger size kit!

Click the below to get the kit!

My KIT! Download here!