Thursday, August 7, 2008

Neighbors on TV

We got home last night from registering Dustin and there was a TV crew next door. My DH being the busy body that he is lol went over to see what was going on but couldn't figure it out. So I go to the back and walked out on the deck to quickly come right back in! lol There were a bunch of people and the tv crew in the back. You could see a grill and they were talking to the kids and yadda yadda. So after a bit my DH went back out with our dog - holding him and the lady comes over and says I won the grill for having the best pork chops. So they got a new grill and a back yard BBQ lol They did the weather from their yard. They invited us over but I wasn't about to be on TV! Cool eh?


Kelly said...

Hi Becky!

Hehe..that is would be nice to win a new grill!
Ohh..and you have an award from me on my blog!

Serenity Sheri said...

Go to my blog to find the rules.

ItsMeKarin said...

Hi Becky!

I'm tagging you! Visit my blog to get the rules!