Monday, January 5, 2009

Terrible Customer Service from FansEdge

Greg had got me a Big Ben jersey for Xmas but it was too small. So I had to return it. I looked online because I can't get that easy here and first was going to order from but decided to go with FansEdge. They were a little cheaper on shipping. I ordered on Christmas day and got an email from them stating it would be shipped December 26th and I paid for 2 day air shipping. So I figured it would go out and I would have it Monday. WRONG -- they decided not to ship it out until Monday and so I didn't get it until Tuesday evening. So I was a little miffed that I paid $8 more to have it shipped faster and it took the same amount of time.

Of course I emailed them and was told I only did 3 day select -- not true so I responded. Of course then they change their tune and said oh well you still got it in 2 days. Except forgetting the fact that I their "processing time" took an extra 3 days -- 1 technically a business day but whatever. I also reminded them of their quick ship policy which states basically my item should have been mailed on Friday.

So they respond today and tell me that that day doesn't count so they were within their "rights". Whatever -- I won't be buying from them again!!! What horrible customer service!!